Apologies for the slight delay in sharing March’s pics – I’ve been immersed in redesigning my website with the talented Lisa Rees from My Wonderful World of Websites.  

Now, let’s take a deep dive into the beautiful photo’s of March all taken on my fab Google Pixel phone 

March, known for its fickle weather, didn’t disappoint. Despite the persistent showers, the month unfurled moments of captivating beauty. Between raindrops, nature treated us to fleeting glimpses of blue skies and tantalising bursts of sunlight filtering through dark grey clouds. These brief interludes brought a sense of hope and warmth, juxtaposed against the cool, damp backdrop of the season. 

In every corner, daffodils stood tall, their sunny countenances a beacon of cheer amongst the grey. These blooms are synonymous with spring’s arrival infusing even the gloomiest of days with a touch of brightness and optimism. 

Delicate green buds timidly peeked through the branches, hinting at the verdant colours soon to envelop the countryside. These leaves, tender and translucent, symbolised the promise of renewal and growth that accompanies the changing of the seasons. 

A highlight of the month was a delightful trip to Cyfarthfa Castle in Merthyr Tydfil with the dogs, our first visit but certainly not our last. Nature was on full form here, amidst the castle’s historic grounds, cherry blossoms adorned the air like delicate confetti, their ethereal beauty was just beautiful. Additionally, vibrant Camellia bushes burst forth in a riot of pinks and dark red. 

Through the lens of my camera, I endeavoured to capture these fleeting moments, to immortalise the spirit of March’s magic.  

I am going to endeavour to get Aprils photo’s out to you in the next couple of weeks and then I will be back on track ready to send you May’s early in the month. 

Thanks everyone. 

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