Hi, I’m Jo

A Photographer in South Wales

Creativity runs deep within me. As a child and still as an adult, I always have  pencils, paper, canvas, and paint around me, but it is photography that truly called to me. I still hold dear my first camera, one of the earliest instamatics, where I’d pull the photograph out of the camera and warm it between metal plates, often under my arm.

I learned the art of photography during the era of manual cameras and darkrooms, and I’m grateful that, despite all the advancements, the fundamentals of how cameras and lenses work have remained constant. My passion for photography seamlessly transitioned into the digital age, and as someone with a deep interest in computers, I embraced the shift from manual processing to computer-based techniques, finding a new dimension of creativity in the process.

As a dedicated commercial photographer, I bring a creative edge to every project, from captivating marketing images to dynamic event photography, polished headshots, exquisite product photography, and immersive real estate images. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, I specialise in crafting visuals that not only meet but exceed my clients’ expectations.

Why Trust Me?

Recently, I was honoured with an award for innovation. This recognition is a testament to my commitment to staying at the forefront of the field. I constantly invest in my equipment, recently upgrading my camera’s to the latest mirrorless technology. Additionally, I’ve been collaborating with a cutting-edge technology company, participating in their AI beta testing program. This collaboration enables me to use AI technology which utilises my past images to help streamline my current image processing, allowing me to deliver your finished projects more efficiently. By entrusting your photography needs to me, you’re choosing a photographer who combines experience and innovation to provide you with not only exceptional images but also a seamless and timely service. 

Your vision is my mission, and I’m here to create outstanding visual content while giving you the attention and dedication you deserve.

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