Hi everyone! Last month, I shared about my ongoing photography challenge to capture the natural details around me each month, and February has been quite the adventure! Despite the rainy weather, I’ve been out and about with my Google Pixel in hand, seeking out the beauty that emerges amidst the downpours. This month, I’ve focused on raindrops glistening like jewels on branches and plants, alongside the vibrant colours of early spring blooms and the promise of new growth. 

February brought with it a deluge of rain, transforming the landscape into a shimmering canvas of glistening droplets. I spent a couple of very wet walks concentrating on capturing the delicate raindrops clinging to plants and branches each one a tiny world reflecting the beauty of its surroundings.

Despite the relentless rain, delicate signs of spring started to appear in the woods. Crocuses and daffodils unfurled their petals, undeterred by the downpours around them and the resilience of these early blooms with their vibrant colours became a beacon to me amidst Februarys rain.  

But amid the vibrancy of new life, I’ve also been drawn to the beauty of decay. Last year’s dead and dying growth, the withered leaves and weathered branches tell stories of seasons past, reminding us of the fleeting nature of existence. 

 Last but not least, February wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Valentine’s Day. My husband surprised me with a stunning Lily, my favourite flower, and I couldn’t resist capturing its elegance and beauty.  

As February bids farewell, I’m reminded once again of the magic that surrounds us, even in the midst of dreary weather. Through raindrops and spring blooms, nature continues to enchant and inspire, offering glimpses of beauty in every corner. Join me next month as I continue my exploration of nature’s wonders, one photograph at a time. 

© Jo Davies Photography – A Glimpse of Renewal and Transition Februarys Photo Challenge

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