Headshot photography focuses on capturing the essence and personality of an individual through a close-up image of their face, typically from the shoulders up. I employ a combination of lighting techniques, composition, and a keen eye for expression to bring out your unique characteristics, often emphasising your confidence, approachability, or professionalism. 

This can be used for professional profiles, social media, or personal branding, and they are a powerful tool for making a strong first impression.

Michelle From Indeblible IP

Justin and Rachel From Siarp

Nikki and Jade From NS Accounts and Business

Sian Faire Virtual Business Manager

Ceri & Sarah Remoo Mortgages

Jonathan Balch Balch Mortgages

Mel Evans

Leanne Bird

Andrea Pugh

David Monkhouse

Elizabeth Evans

Caroline Smith

Sally Thomas

Paul Gower

Sian Faire

Paul Rees

Deborah Rees

Hannah Carter

Rebecca Parry

Stephanie Evans

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