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Headshots with Sian Faire from Sian Faire VA

Earlier this week I was contacted by Sian Faire who I had done a set of headshots for late last year between lockdown 2 & 3 in Wales. Sian was back home in Wales for Christmas, she mainly runs her business remotely from Gran Canaria – lucky her 🙂  She understood the reasoning behind having… Read More

Molly the Lhasa Apso

This beautiful girl is Molly, I have drawn Molly twice before, once on her own and the other was a large portrait of her and her three puppies that her owners had kept. Unfortunately after a short illness, Molly passed away last year. Her owner had taken a photo of her just before she died… Read More

Black Horse in Pastels

A friend of mine asked how I work black on black as he was interested in trying out drawing with pastels, so on a visit to my studio I started this portrait to give him a basis of how to work with the pastels to get the look he wanted from his drawings.  I have… Read More

Badou the Cat

Badou the Cat This Beautiful Boy is Badou, he appears to possibly be a Maine Coon or Maine Coon Cross. He was adopted by a couple who have purchased previous portraits from me. They wanted one portrait for themselves and one for the people they adopted him from. I have to say this was probably… Read More

Alfie the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This gorgeous boy is Alfie the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The photograph for this portrait was taken when Alfie was around six months old, he is much bigger now but still a real softy. Staffordshire Bull Terriers get such a bad reputation, but if they are brought up properly they are such good natured and lovable dogs…. Read More

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Molly the Llhasa Apso

This beautiful lady is Molly the Llhasa Apso. Molly is the mother of the group of four Llhasa Apso’s that I drew last year. Her owners loved the portrait so much that they wanted a portrait of each of them.   © Jo Morgan Artist 2018 – Molly the Llhasa Apso   Please check out my… Read More

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Fern and Bracken the Labradors

This gorgeous twosome is Fern and Bracken the Labradors. Unfortunately these two lovely dogs are no longer with us, their owners wanted a reminder of the two of them and asked me to put together this portrait using a selection of photographs they had of the dogs. It is always difficult when drawing a black dog… Read More

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Bonnie the Black Labrador

This lovely lady is Bonnie the Black Labrador. Bonnie is a lovey black lab that I see from time to time, she is getting a little old now so her owners wanted to have a reminder of her for when she is no longer with them. They are over the moon with her portrait.  ©… Read More

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Marley the Springer Spaniel Puppy

This gorgeous baby is Marley the Springer Spaniel Puppy. I had the pleasure of photographing Marley for her portrait and she is a little darling 🙂 Her portrait was commissioned as a Christmas Present for her owner. I see Marley most days and she has grown into a beautiful dog.  © Jo Morgan Artist 2017 –… Read More

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