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Headshots with Sian Faire from Sian Faire VA

Earlier this week I was contacted by Sian Faire who I had done a set of headshots for late last year between lockdown 2 & 3 in Wales. Sian was back home in Wales for Christmas, she mainly runs her business remotely from Gran Canaria – lucky her 🙂  She understood the reasoning behind having… Read More

Molly the Lhasa Apso

This beautiful girl is Molly, I have drawn Molly twice before, once on her own and the other was a large portrait of her and her three puppies that her owners had kept. Unfortunately after a short illness, Molly passed away last year. Her owner had taken a photo of her just before she died… Read More

Molly Maisy Taffy and Bailey the Lhasa Apsos

This lovely foursome are Molly Maisy Taffy and Bailey the Lhasa Apsos I had the pleasure of meeting the four dogs before drawing their portrait, they are mother (Molly) and her three babies and they all look so different 🙂 They are such friendly, cuddly dogs who love nothing more than having a snuggle with… Read More

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