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Molly the Lhasa Apso

This beautiful girl is Molly, I have drawn Molly twice before, once on her own and the other was a large portrait of her and her three puppies that her owners had kept. Unfortunately after a short illness, Molly passed away last year. Her owner had taken a photo of her just before she died… Read More

Molly the Llhasa Apso

This beautiful lady is Molly the Llhasa Apso. Molly is the mother of the group of four Llhasa Apso’s that I drew last year. Her owners loved the portrait so much that they wanted a portrait of each of them.   © Jo Morgan Artist 2018 – Molly the Llhasa Apso   Please check out my… Read More

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Molly Maisy Taffy and Bailey the Lhasa Apsos

This lovely foursome are Molly Maisy Taffy and Bailey the Lhasa Apsos I had the pleasure of meeting the four dogs before drawing their portrait, they are mother (Molly) and her three babies and they all look so different 🙂 They are such friendly, cuddly dogs who love nothing more than having a snuggle with… Read More

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Merlin the German Shepherd

This gorgeous boy is Merlin the German Shepherd, He has the most piercing eyes, those eyes followed me around my studio every day I was working on this portrait lol. His owner absolutely loved it and it now has pride of place on the wall of their dining room.  © Jo Morgan Artist 2017 – Merlin… Read More

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