Jack and Ellie the Boxer Dogs

This is my latest portrait of Jack and Ellie the Boxer Dogs.

Jack is getting on a bit now and his owner wanted a portrait done of the two of them together before he gets too elderly.

I am a photographer as well as a pet portraitist so these two were brought to my studio and I photographed them to get the best image possible of them. Ellie is pure white and is deaf so luckily she has been trained to sit using hand signals. Ellie is definitely the alpha dog as she bosses around poor Jack constantly 🙁

I am really pleased with this portrait as I got to know the dogs a little during their shoot and I feel that I have captured their characters in their portrait. Their owner is over the moon with the finished portrait and is currently getting it mounted and framed.



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© Jo Morgan Artist 2015 – Jack and Ellie the Boxer Dogs