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Fern and Bracken the Labradors

This gorgeous twosome is Fern and Bracken the Labradors. Unfortunately these two lovely dogs are no longer with us, their owners wanted a reminder of the two of them and asked me to put together this portrait using a selection of photographs they had of the dogs. It is always difficult when drawing a black dog… Read More

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Honey the Golden Labrador

This is my latest portrait of a beautiful Golden Labrador called Honey. I am a huge animal lover and the majority of my commissions come from people who have lost much loved pets or want a portrait done now for when the pet is no longer with them. So if you know of anyone that… Read More

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Charlie the Golden Labrador

This is Charlie, a gorgeous Golden Labrador that I see up the park most days when I walk my dogs. She is a lovely, friendly, girl who runs to greet me and my boys as soon as she spots us. I loved doing this portrait for Tammy and Steve as I really feel that I have… Read More

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